Terms and conditions

Validity of the sales conditions

1) The sales conditions are valid between buyer using the e-shop: pood.skystyle.ee (hereinafter Consumer), and the company Skystyle OÜ (hereinafter Web shop – shop.skystyle.eu) for purchase of products and services.

2) In addition to the present conditions, legal relations arising from purchase of products from the e-shop shop.skystyle.eu, are governed by the Law of the Obligations Act (hereinafter VÕS), Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter TKS) and other legal acts valid in the Republic of Estonia.

3) The web shop shop.skystyle.eu reserves the right to amend the sales conditions. Such amendments shall be displayed on the web page.


1) Price of transport is added to a purchase, according to the way of delivery selected by the Consumer.

2) The web shop shop.skystyle.eu reserves the right to change selling prices, regarding changes in purchase prices of raw material. Such changes shall be displayed on the web page.


1) Add selected products to the shopping cart.

2) To place order, first, press on link „cashbox“ in the shopping cart.

3) Fill in all required fields on the ordering page, select a way of delivery, read the conditions and press a button „Submit orderˮ. After confirmation of order, we will send you invoice by e-mail. You can pay by bank transfer, or with convenience via Paysera, using a bank of your choice (Swedbank, SEB, Sampo, Nordea, etc.), or by credit card as euro payment.

4) Be careful when filling in the fields on the page of data and confirmation of order as the correct and accurate information ensures prompt and flawless delivery of products you purchased and resolving potential disputes and pretensions.

5) Orders placed in the web shop are handled on business days (Mo−Fr 9.00−16.00). If the order is submitted on Friday after 14:00, such order shall be executed the next Monday. The same applies to the „self-pickupˮ way of delivery.

Coming of sales contract into force

1) By the contract of selling goods the web shop shop.skystyle.eu undertakes to transfer to the Consumer Goods available, being produced or going to be purchased in the future by the web shop shop.skystyle.eu, and provide transfer of the title on goods to the Consumer. The Consumer undertakes to pay for the Goods to the web shop shop.skystyle.eu the amount indicated on the invoice and to accept the Goods.

2) When the Consumer fails to pay for the order, it shall be cancelled upon a lapse of 1 day from placing order.

3) The sales contract shall come into force after the payment made by the Consumer is received.


1) After the sales contract comes into force, the web shop shop.skystyle.eu will complete the order and hand it over to a logistics partner-firm for delivery.

2) The delivery terms specified on the web page of the E-shop shall be valid from the day of receiving the purchase amount.

3) To ensure delivery without delay, the consumer should be careful when ordering and type true and valid information concerning delivery address.

4) The web shop shop.skystyle.eu shall not be liable for delay in delivery of goods if the goods were handed over to logistics partner in due time, however, a delay in delivery is caused by events that the web shop shop.skystyle.eu could not have affected or foreseen.

5) The delivery term is up to 3 weeks, depending on a product.

Force majeure

1) The web shop shop.skystyle.eu shall not be liable for damages caused to the Consumer, or a delay in delivery where such damage or delay in delivery of goods is caused by circumstances that the web shop shop.skystyle.eu could not have affected or foreseen.

Processing of personal data

1) By filling data in the web shop and giving a relevant confirmation, the Consumer grants a right to collect and handle their personal information (name, contact telephone, address of delivery and /or home address, e-mail address) and communicate personal information to logistics partner for delivery of goods.

2) The web shop shop.skystyle.eu has the right to use the Consumer’s home address or address to communicate advertising materials and other information to the Consumer.

3) The Consumer may ban collection and use of their personal data any time, except for a case when it is required for claiming liability under the contract or delivery of goods.

4) When paying for purchase via encrypted data communication link with banks, the Consumer ensures the security of their logins, and the Web shop has no access to such data.

Procedure of submitting pretensions

1) In case the product manifests any defects, please stop using it.

2) The web shop shop.skystyle.eu and the Consumer shall agree on replacement of the defective product or compensation of the paid sum. The web shop shop.skystyle.eu will bear the expenses made on elimination of defects that occurred through a fault of the web shop shop.skystyle.eu.

3) The web shop shop.skystyle.eu shall not be held liable for defects which appear in product through a fault of the Consumer if they result from undue storage or its unintended use.

4) Where product non-conformity or defects appear, we ask you to submit a pretension to the e-mail address info@skystyle.eu, indicating the customer’s name, contact telephone, number of order and giving an accurate description of the product non-conformity or defect/flaw (attaching photos if possible).

5) Pretension in respect to non-conformity of the product or detection of flaws should be submitted within two weeks from detection of the product non-conformity or flaw.

6) All pretensions are reviewed and the Consumer is contacted a.s.a.p., but not later than within 14 days from the receipt of pretension.

Consumer right to complain to the Consumer Disputes Committee

In case when the web shop refused to resolve the Consumer complaint, or the Consumer is not satisfied with a solution offered by the web shop and thinks that his/her rights were violated or interests damaged, the Consumer may present a complaint to the Consumer Disputes Committee within the Consumer Protection Board, or sue a file in the court. The Consumer may present a complaint in person or via their representative. The Consumer Disputes Committee contacts are given on the homepage of the Consumer Protection Board; in member states of the European Union – to apply for resolution of the problems which occurred in the EU member states to the European Union Consumer Centre.